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At Innov-Wealth, We strive to partner with our patrons in long-term and trusted financial advisory relationships.

Our expertise in "Goal Based Financial Planning" aided by our planning software & paper-less digital execution capabilities create a distinctive value proposition.

We vow not to sell but serve with passion, honesty & integrity!

Over the past 10 years, we are serving as a trusted partner to entrepreneurs, individuals and families elevating their financial wellbeing guided by highest ethical & moral standards.

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Disciplined Approach

Risk Assessment

We understand that every individual is unique when it comes to risk appetite & investments. Risk assessment is the foremost step in building investment portfolios & it acts as a compass pointing to the investment instruments optimal for your requirements.

Asset Allocation

Once on board, We encourage you to log in to your Innov-Wealth account and populate your existing assets like insurance policies, stocks, mutual funds, fixed deposits, provident fund, post office savings, real estate, gold or any other investments as well as liabilities like personal loans, home loans, education loans etc.

We customise your financial plan considering these inputs and market dynamics at the time. The asset allocation exercise also helps in creating the right balance of risk and return.

Defining & Mapping Goals to Assets

Different life goals like retirement planning, children’s education, buying a house, a vacation abroad have different time horizons and importance.

Aligning goals with existing assets and your investments gives you certainty of meeting them. We use proven planning process with the help of technology & software platform so that you’re always on track to achieve what you aspire.

Customized Financial Plan

We design your investment plan based on your current financial situation & comprehensive deliberation with our planning experts. This plan serves as a roadmap helping you stay course to meet your goals, providing absolute clarity about purpose of your investments.

Portfolio Review

Periodic review of investment portfolio is very critical; It helps weeding out laggards, optimizing asset allocation & keeping track of your life goals in ever changing external environment.

Reviews play a critical role in reducing risk & optimizing returns on your investments.

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We are your trusted partners in your investment journey……

  • Curated Investment Report
  • Dedicated Relationship Manager
  • Risk Profiling & Asset Allocation
  • Goal Based Financial Plans
  • Periodic Portfolio Review
  • Tax Planning & Tax Harvesting
  • Online Paperless Transactions
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I have had great experience with Innov-Wealth, who meticulously made a financial plan aiding me in my journey towards financial independence. I would further like to commend them for their use of their platform and overall processes.

Sanjay Kulkarni (CA & Finance Manager, Worldwide Media Private Limited)

As a software engineer, I had no interest or expertise of equity markets or mutual funds and used to invest in conventional products. Innov-Wealth team not only explained some of the concepts like inflation, return on investment but also importance of goal based financial planning by giving simple illustrations. I feel relaxed now as my money is being looked after by credible experts.

Vaibhav Gore (Software Engineer, Infosys)

A few months ago, I was all over the place with my investments. It was becoming very difficult to efficiently organize all these and evaluate my assets and liabilities. My friend referred me to Innov-Wealth. Now I can just login and have a bird’s eye view of everything. I continue to invest as per the investment plan customized for me and feel confident.

Sunil Joshi (Manager, Varroc Engineering Ltd)

Thanks to advice given by Innov-Wealth, I was saved from getting trapped into inefficient products sold in the market under the garb of investment. I started my SIP journey 5 years ago at the age of 25 & am confident of achieving my goal of retiring at 45.

Nikhil Jawale (QA Analyst, Byte Dance Technologies Pvt Ltd (TikTok))

Innov-Wealth simplifies investment planning process and execution. Now I don’t have to check 10 different things to check my portfolio performance.

Bhushan Kulkarni (Dy General Manager, Air India)

I wish to have known Innov-Wealth 5 years ago, I would have been at a better place in my investment journey today.

Prathamesh Achwal (Manager, Sama technologies)

Innov-Wealth is more like a financial coach which not only offers firm advice but also instils discipline and confidence about the set life goals being achieved.

Vikrant Dixit (Owner, Datt Medical Stores)