"I want to retire at 40 and travel the world".

We keep hearing this from the young & the ambitious 25-year-olds who are starting their careers. For most of them 25 becomes 40, 40 becomes 50 and then 60 as one ages & realizes that one still needs to earn more before hanging up boots.

Retirement Planning

Retirement is one goal which is common to every person. Irrespective of one’s profession, that day will dawn when one will have to retire either by choice or by force.

In the current age of digitalization, artificial intelligence & burgeoning young work population in the country there is every probability that yesteryear’s assumption of being employed till the age of 60 might not hold good for most and viable after good.

Add to it the increased life expectancy, and hence, individuals must provide for a much longer time period when one will not be earning, or at least not earning as much as one did in the working years.

It is also necessary to factor in higher costs on healthcare, caregivers, children’s education, marriage, lifestyle needs of an elderly person, and increase in the cost of living due to inflation.

So how does one provide for those 25-30 years without compromising on the lifestyle that one has got used to and also being able to enjoy retired life by travelling the world or writing a book, or whatever else that one would love to do?

While financial discipline should be a key aspect, it is most critical to have right investment advice when it comes to retirement planning.

At Innov-Wealth, We help you in this journey and try to ensure that your sunset years are sheer bliss !!

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Customer speak...

I have had great experience with Innov-Wealth, who meticulously made a financial plan aiding me in my journey towards financial independence. I would further like to commend them for their use of their platform and overall processes.

Sanjay Kulkarni (CA & Finance Manager, Worldwide Media Private Limited)

As a software engineer, I had no interest or expertise of equity markets or mutual funds and used to invest in conventional products. Innov-Wealth team not only explained some of the concepts like inflation, return on investment but also importance of goal based financial planning by giving simple illustrations. I feel relaxed now as my money is being looked after by credible experts.

Vaibhav Gore (Software Engineer, Infosys)

A few months ago, I was all over the place with my investments. It was becoming very difficult to efficiently organize all these and evaluate my assets and liabilities. My friend referred me to Innov-Wealth. Now I can just login and have a bird’s eye view of everything. I continue to invest as per the investment plan customized for me and feel confident.

Sunil Joshi (Manager, Varroc Engineering Ltd)

Thanks to advice given by Innov-Wealth, I was saved from getting trapped into inefficient products sold in the market under the garb of investment. I started my SIP journey 5 years ago at the age of 25 & am confident of achieving my goal of retiring at 45.

Nikhil Jawale (QA Analyst, Byte Dance Technologies Pvt Ltd (TikTok))

Innov-Wealth simplifies investment planning process and execution. Now I don’t have to check 10 different things to check my portfolio performance.

Bhushan Kulkarni (Dy General Manager, Air India)

I wish to have known Innov-Wealth 5 years ago, I would have been at a better place in my investment journey today.

Prathamesh Achwal (Manager, Sama technologies)

Innov-Wealth is more like a financial coach which not only offers firm advice but also instils discipline and confidence about the set life goals being achieved.

Vikrant Dixit (Owner, Datt Medical Stores)