Liquid Funds

What are Liquid Funds?

Liquid Funds are a type of debt oriented mutual fund. Because they do not invest into the stock markets, they are very safe. Even within debt instruments, liquid funds invest into securities that are about to mature in a very short span of time – typically in the next two months. As a result, the NAV’s of these funds are usually not impacted by movements on interest rates or other economic factors.

Instant Liquidity

Instant Liquidity

You can redeem upto Rs. 50,000 from liquid funds instantly into your bank account

Safety of Principal

Safety of Principal

Your principal remains safe, as liquid funds invest into short term, highly rated debt

Better Returns

Better Returns

Historically, Liquid Fund returns have been 3-4% higher than savings account interest

Liquid Funds Facts


Category Average 3 - year return.


Exit load applicable

350,000 cr

Invested into Liquid Funds as on date.

T + 1

Get your money back within a day.

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